Dog Enrichment for Every Adventure

Guest post written by Sophie Maddox of Paws in Earnest about how you can include enrichment out and about on every adventure

Dog Enrichment for Every Adventure

Whether it's a stroll through the park or a hike in the mountains, our dogs are always eager to explore the world around them. But did you know that every adventure can be an opportunity for enrichment? In this blog, our friends over at Paws in Earnest explore how you can incorporate enrichment activities into your everyday outings with your dog, from sniffaris on walks to snuffle mats for settling down on the go.

Sniffaris on Walks

rescue dog sniffing in grass for enrichment wearing twiggy tags aurora adventure harness

Forget the traditional walk – it's time to turn your daily strolls into sniffaris! Dogs experience the world primarily through their sense of smell, and sniffing is like reading the newspaper for them. Allow your pup to lead the way, following their nose and exploring intriguing scents along the path. Take detours, pause frequently, and let your dog indulge in their favourite activity. Not only does sniffing provide mental stimulation, but it also promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, making it the perfect enrichment activity for every walk.

Scatter Feeding

Who says you have to feed your dog via a bowl every mealtime? Scatter feeding is a simple way to turn your dog's mealtime into an enriching experience. Instead of serving their food in a bowl, scatter it around your garden or sprinkle it in safe places along your walk. Encourage your pup to sniff out and forage for their food, engaging their natural instincts and providing mental stimulation. Scatter feeding not only makes mealtime more exciting but also encourages physical activity and problem-solving skills, making it ideal for dogs of all ages and energy levels.


whippet playing fetch with interactive toy twiggy tags zigzoom

Fetch may seem like a basic game, but it's actually a fantastic enrichment activity that can be enjoyed anywhere, from the park to the beach. Not only does fetch provide physical exercise, but it also engages your dog's mind and strengthens the bond between you. Mix things up by incorporating different toys such as the ZigZoom or adding a twist, such as hiding the toy behind obstacles or throwing it into the water for a refreshing game of fetch. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is guaranteed!

Snuffle Mats for Settling Out and About

When it's time to take a break and settle down during your adventures, a snuffle mat is your dog's best friend. These interactive mats are designed to mimic the experience of foraging for food in grass or foliage, providing mental stimulation and relaxation. Simply scatter some treats or kibble across the mat, and let them use their nose to sniff, snuffle, and search to their heart's content. It's a relaxing activity that helps calm their mind and ease any anxious feelings they may have. Snuffle mats are perfect for picnics, outdoor cafes, or any situation where you want to keep your dog entertained and content while you take a breather.

rescue dog eating from the enrichment toy rylo wearing a twiggy tags wanderlust padded adventure collar in the forest

Rylo: The Versatile Food Enrichment Toy

Let's talk about the Rylo – the ultimate food enrichment toy for every adventure! With its unique design the Rylo allows you to use wet, dry & liquid food to turn any meal or snack into an interactive experience for your pup. Whether you're on a road trip or camping in the great outdoors, the Rylo ensures that your furry friend is not only well-fed but also mentally stimulated and happy. It's enrichment on the go, wherever your adventures take you!


From sniffaris on walks to scatter feeding and fetch, there are countless ways to incorporate enrichment into every adventure with your pup. By engaging their senses, promoting physical activity, and providing mental stimulation, you can ensure that every outing is not only enjoyable but also enriching for your furry friend. So grab your lead, pack some treats, and get ready for an adventure like no other – because with dog enrichment, the possibilities are endless!

Guest Post Written By Sophie Maddox

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