Our story starts in 2020 with Twiggy, an adventurous pup with the world at her paws and Lois...

As with most brilliant innovations, Twiggy Tags came about due to a need for something we couldn't find. Twiggy - like most long-eared breeds - HATED harnesses being squeezed over her head every day and would run and hide the moment her harness came out. When looking for something more suitable, Lois discovered that any harnesses on the market that didn't need to go over the head and were hard-wearing enough to withstand a wild puppy (with a love of fox poo) were always boring. Black, blue or red - nothing that represented Twiggy's bold and bright personality

With this revelation came the Adventure Harness, and within the last three years TT has grown from strength-to-strength creating dog gear designed especially for the great outdoors. Strong, hard-wearing, safe, inclusive for all dogs and always stylish! With a growing team, we are always working years ahead, trying and testing to develop unique, useful and adventure ready dog gear

Our award-winning products are all tensile strength-tested for safety, and tried and tested by our own dogs for months before launch. We work hard to innovate new ideas, bringing products to the table that we as dog owners want and need

Twiggy Tags is now 3 years old and in less than a year we have grown from not being stocked in any retailers to now being found in over 100 across the UK. We trade at events such as Crufts and Dog Fest and have grown a social media following of over 20k dog lovers. We currently have a small warehouse based in Bristol with a team of 4 humans (& 4 dogs!) when less than 2 years ago it was just Lois and Twiggy working from the in-laws spare bedroom

We always have dogs at the heart of the business and are passionate about creating products we use, and we are always looking to innovate brand new ideas.

We can't wait to see where the future takes us and are so happy to have you following along our journey


Dogs are not just pets - they're family. This is why comfort and safety are our top priorities. Created for dog owners by dog owners


Every product we sell is both tensile strength-tested for safety and put to the test by our own dogs long before launch for reliability and durability


As a slow-fashion brand, our high-quality products are made for purpose and last a lifetime. We also plant a tree with each purchase. Read more about our Eco Policy here

Lois - Founder/CEO

Lois (Lo) is the face of TT, the creator, founder, primary product designer, website creator and everything else too. As a micro business, it's expected we all wear a lot of hats here!

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Richard - Director

Richard is the sensible brains alongside a team of crazy dog ladies. Important decision maker and head spreadsheet creator, he's the glue that holds everything together behind the scenes

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Laura - Creative Director

Laura is the voice of the social media, copy writer for everything TT, co-product designer & replier of emails

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Lily - Warehouse Manager

Lily is the warehouse manager, she packs all your orders, and manages stock levels in the warehouse

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Twiggy & Pippin - Quality Control

Twiglet - Twiggy for short - is the true CEO of TT, the inspiration and namesake. She's independent and sassy, stealing hearts (& pillows) anywhere she goes.

Her little sister Pippin is a tiny ball of energy that can't do anything at less than 100% - and she isn't afraid to tell you about it


Finley - Product Tester

Finley is the true explorer and mountain climber of TT. He doesn't just test out new products on a walk, he takes them up 500m, swims in them and rolls them in dog knows what!


Maisie - Model

Maisie is the giant puppy of the group. A beautiful beach lover, she suits every pattern and colour and will always sit for a snacko