Explore our extensive collection of dog safety accessories, meticulously curated to prioritise the well-being and security of your dog. Our range encompasses innovative and strength-tested dog products for dog safety

      Illuminate your evening strolls with our advanced light-up products, featuring LED and reflective light up collars and lead extenders for heightened visibility during low-light conditions. Ensure your dog's safety with these cutting-edge accessories, enhancing visibility to motorists and pedestrians alike. All these items are strength-tested to be suitable for large dogs and small dogs

      Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances with Poorly Paws purpose-built first aid kits for dogs. These kits come equipped with essential supplies to address minor injuries, cuts, and scrapes promptly, offering immediate care whenever your canine companion needs it

      Beat the heat with All 4 Paws fashionable cooling bandanas, crafted from breathable and moisture-wicking materials. These bandanas not only provide style but also offer a refreshing solution on hot days, promoting comfort and preventing overheating

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