"Twiggy Tags wouldn't be the brand it has become without the great outdoors. My brand was created from watching my dogs scramble mountains, run through brambles, roll in mud and just enjoying being outside and having the desire to create gear that could withstand this. Without the outdoors, there would be no Twiggy Tags. This is why we do everything we can to give back to the outdoors that gives so much to us."

Lois Saunders - Founder

We have recently become partners of 1% for the Planet, joining all the brands who have decided to invest back into the planet. Working with 1% for the Planet allows us to donate 1% of all our profits to non-profit environmental organisations. As our customers, these profits come directly from you, meaning by shopping with us, you are helping a great environmental cause

Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

We offset our carbon emissions for each staff member through Ecologi and for each parcel we send through Shopify planet. We are not yet a fully carbon neutral business, but we are on our journey to get there!

100% Recyclable Packaging

Everything we use to package our orders is 100% easily recyclable using primarily card and cardboard. Our tissue paper, tape and mailing bags are made from recycled paper and our “bubble wrap” is paper based

Slow Fashion That Lasts a Lifetime

All Twiggy Tags products are made from strong and hard-wearing materials - we are against fast fashion in the dog world and ensure our products will last a lifetime with normal use. All TT products have a use and serve a function in our goal to reduce excessive consumption in the dog market

Eco-friendly products

Not all TT gear can be eco due to us prioritising function and safety for dogs, however we work to ensure that when we can - we do! Take a look at our Extra-Large Compostable Poo Bags and watch this space for new eco-products in 2024!

We Have Also Built a Huge Forest With Support From Your Orders!

In 2021 we began our sustainability journey and began to start planting one tree for every order placed on our website through Ecologi. We have since successfully backdated all our orders so that every single order ever placed with TT has had 1 tree planted. We had also been planting 1 tree for each individual item for whole.

Sadly, Ecologi raised their price per tree by close to 4x recently. As an alternative, we signed up with 1% for the Planet, who also plant trees in our name, along with many other conservation projects, and you - our amazing customers - are still contributing as the amount we give depends entirely on our profits!

See our historical forest here


We do our very best to make sustainable choices as and where they won’t impact the strength, safety or quality of our products. As a young and small-micro business we are at the very start of our sustainability journey. If you have any questions or feedbacks to help us improve please get in touch!