Pumpkin Picking in Abergavenney

Come along with Finley and Skyla Pumpkin Picking at Abergavenney Garden Centre's Pumpkin Patch on a chilly Sunday afternoon

Pumpkin Picking in Abergavenny

Come along for the day with Twiggy Tags ambassadors Finley and Skyla while they explore the Pumpkin Patch at Abergavenny Garden Centre

Starting the day strong with a fresh cup of coffee (well, a black cherry mocha if you must know. Autumn starts in a mug!) and meeting at Parc Pennalta for a muddy run around. A working line Golden Retriever and Border Collie who absolutely love each other being asked to be calm and behaved for the afternoon!? They're going to need to get all the beans out of their system first!

two dogs covered in mud in a field. one is a working line golden retriever and the other is a working line red merle border collie. they are both wearing Twiggy Tags Adventure Collars in the pattern Heritage

As you can see, they got absolutely filthy and please feel blessed that you cannot smell through a screen, as Skyla had a good roll in some fox poo just before this photo was taken. Although we're always raving about how well Twiggy Tags Adventure Harnesses wash after muddy adventures (and they do!) we popped them off for this walk, as it was completely off lead and we knew we wanted them sparkling for pumpkin photos later in the day!


Once home, fed, and bathed, we headed to the patch! 

Abergavenney Garden Centre's Pumpkin Patch is free to enter and their pumpkins they grow all year are really reasonable priced, a great day out on a budget if you live locally!

Firstly and foremost, we needed some coffee. We had pumpkin spice lattes (of course) from the Dug Out Coffee van, who I was excited to see serving Big Dog Coffee, a local small roasters also based out of South Wales. They had a little photo booth for the pups while we warmed up!

working line golden retriever and border collie posing in front of a coffee van photo booth with orange background, dangling bat decorations and a grassy ramp. They are both wearing matching dog outfits of Twiggy Tags Adventure Harnesses in Heritage print and The Twiggy Tags TrailFinder Multi-Way Lead in the black pattern Onyx

We walked around looking at all the autumnal (and sometimes spooky!) photo opportunities, let the dogs have big old sniffaroonies before getting some seasonal photos!

working line golden retriever and red merle border collie posing with both of their paws up on a giant pumpkin at the entrance to the pumpkin patch, with a big orange sign next to them that reads "welcome to the pumpkin patch"

We finished our day by choosing some pumpkins to take home with us before getting back before dark and enjoying some chips for dinner! Finley and Skyla both chose their favourite pumpkin from the patch! Anyone else's Border Collie think that anything round must be a ball to play with!?

red merle working line border collie in the pumpkin patch picking up a pumpkin as if it were a big orange football, with a small gravestone decoration in the background

working line golden retriever posing next to a pumpkin and a garland made up of seasonal yellow and orange flowers and orange and red autumn leaves, looking very proud of her selection

Have you taken your pooch pumpkin picking yet this year? Tell us where your favourite pumpkin patch is and we will see if we can try and visit next October!

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