Twiggy Tags Adventure Range Fitting & Sizing Guides

A handy guide with video instructions on how to measure for, fit and adjust our Adventure Harness & Adventure Collar

Twiggy Tags Adventure Range Fitting & Sizing Guides

Adventure Harness

We have put together size guides and in-depth videos all about measuring for your Adventure Harness, and how to adjust it once you have it. These harnesses have much more adjustment than a regular harness - this is how they fit so many different dogs and breeds! The first couple of steps for getting the right fit is taking the chest and neck measurements in the illustrations above and inputting these into our size calculator available on all of the Adventure Harness product listings.

size guide and sizing instructions for twiggy tags adventure harnesses

We then have one more extra step that we recommend using if your dog is between two sizes or especially if you have a sighthound, dachshund, or other deep chested breed. This is listed on the size guide as the "chest length." This is the length of each chest plate on each size, which is the lower part of the harness that goes underneath your dogs body. If this is too tight under a dog's armpit it can cause friction and rubbing so it's really important that this is long enough for you fit at least two fingers between the armpit and the webbing. It is absolutely fine to be able to fit more than two fingers, this is just the minimum. 

Adjusting can be a little fiddly if you aren't sure or haven't used a harness like ours before! See the video below to see how you can adjust!

Adventure Collar

We have put together size guides and in-depth videos all about measuring for your Adventure Collar, and how to adjust it once you have it. These collars have only 4 sizes compared the harness which has 5, this is because there is so much adjustment per collar that we are able to get them to fit all the way from Chihuahua to Great Dane in just 4 sizes! This means you definitely shouldn't rely on your dogs harness size for their collar sizes! So far we have found that most dogs size down from their harness size ie. all of our Lab reps wear a size 4 harness but a size 3 collar - however this shouldn't be relied on so please check the guide below!

dog collar size guide

Our Adventure Collars are much more simple to adjust than our harnesses with a simple tri-glide adjuster! They do however also have the elastic piece to keep them neat and tidy which the adjuster can be moved underneath if it needs to be. Please follow the video below if you need any help adjusting the collar to fit your dog.

We really hope this guide is helpful! Please feel free to reach out to us via Instagram DM or email us on if you think there's anything missing or anything else you need help with!

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