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Porta-Poop - Navigation

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Experience the stylish and practical side of dog ownership with our latest innovation – PORTA-POOPS! While picking up after your furry friend may not be the highlight of pet ownership, our stylish and convenient solution transforms the task into a breeze.

During those extended hikes, daily walks , or trail adventures where bins are scarce, PORTA-POOPS comes to your rescue. No more lugging around handfuls of unpleasant poo bags! Simply tie a knot in the bag and effortlessly slide it through the opening.

Crafted from a flexible and lightweight silicone material, our poo bag holders feature a robust carabiner-style attachment. Whether you prefer securing it to your leash's D-ring, your bag, or your belt, these holders offer versatility in their attachment options. Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome the stylish practicality of PORTA-POOPS!

  • Ensure No-Poo is left behind!

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