Adventure Lead - Petrichor
Adventure Lead - Petrichor
Adventure Lead - Petrichor
Adventure Lead - Petrichor
Adventure Lead - Petrichor

Adventure Lead - Petrichor

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Designed for the outdoors, built for every adventure together. For mountain hikes, for city strolls, for everything in between

Indulge in comfort and security with our meticulously crafted leads, designed for both you and your dog. From top to bottom, these leads are padded, ensuring a comfortable grip during your outdoor adventures. The inclusion of a locking carabiner adds an extra layer of safety and security to make every walk a worry-free experience. Elevate your canine companionship with these premium leads, where comfort meets safety and style

  • Padded inside the handle and along the length of the lead for comfort
  • Close control handle option available, for road walking or reactive dogs
  • Hard-wearing and weatherproof material makes for easy cleaning
  • Strength-tested to over 200kg to ensure they are safe for all dogs, tiny to giant
  • Locking carabiner clip prevents any accidents by ensuring the lead is secure at all times
  • Clip on a poo bag holder or treat bag to the additional rust-free D-ring

Available in small 16mm width or large 25mm width with a close control handle - both are 1.5m/5ft in length

* please note, we have had a small aesthetic change of hardware we are transitioning all the products to. The new hardware is silver, and there is a very slight logo change and buckle change. If you feel this may be of cause of concern, please get in touch BEFORE you place your order

  • Independently Strength-Tested to over 200kg
  • Varying leads available to suit you and your dog

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