Adventure Dog Safety Seatbelt - Tranquil (Limited Edition)

Adventure Dog Safety Seatbelt - Tranquil (Limited Edition)

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Designed for the outdoors, built for every adventure together. For mountain hikes, for city strolls, for everything in between

Embark on worry-free adventures with our universally compatible dog car restraint, designed to fit seamlessly in all vehicles equipped with a headrest. Travel safely and in compliance with UK laws, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey for both you and your pet. Choose our reliable dog seat belt for a stress-free and law-abiding travel experience, making every adventure with your dog a breeze

  • Adjustable around the headrest and in length to suit every vehicle
  • No risk of your dog unplugging themselves - goes right around the headrest!
  • Compliant with UK and EU laws around travelling with pets
  • Strength-tested and safe for all sizes of dog, tiny to giant!
  • Locking carabiner clip means it can be used as a safe dog lead if you need to leave your vehicle quickly
  • Did you know its the law to have your dog restrained in the car?
  • Universal, Tangle-free Innovative Design

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